Starfield crams the universe into 125GB on Xbox and PC

We now know Starfield's install size on Xbox Series X|S and PC — and it seems pre-loading for Bethesda's space RPG could even begin this week.

Starfield crams the universe into 125GB on Xbox and PC
Tom West

Tom West


Adding to everything we know about Starfield so far, Microsoft has revealed its install size on console and PC, and we'll potentially be able to pre-load it this week ahead of its launch on Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass on September 6.

Pre-load Starfield to prepare for Xbox launch

The Xbox Store has revealed that you'll need a minimum of 125GB of storage space on console or PC if you want to explore the universe in Starfield. That's just the base game's size, however, and doesn't include the inevitable day-one update, content bonuses, and the like.

If you'd like to beat the crowds and get it installed before the launch day rush, an Amazon listing suggests that pre-loading could possibly be available as early as tomorrow, August 8 (via TwistedVoxel).

Starfield is one of the games coming to Game Pass in September, but if you'd like to own the game on disc, a physical edition of Starfield will be available.
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