Xbox Game Lists

  • 4K
    4K — or Ultra HD, as it is sometimes known — is the crystal-clear native resolution of many Xbox Series X|S games, and even some Xbox One X titles. Here are all the games that support 4K output.
  • Optimized for Series X|S
    A comprehensive list of Optimized for Series X|S games that are available to play now.
  • Xbox One X Enhanced
    Select Xbox One X Enhanced games that are optimised through updates to fully leverage the potential of the Xbox One X.
  • 60 FPS
    More powerful Xbox consoles allow for smoother, faster frame rates. Many modern games support 60fps play (or higher), either by default or via a ‘performance mode' option, and here they all are.
  • Cross-Play
    Many online Xbox games now allow you to play with others who are on different platforms. If a game supports cross-play with PC, mobile, and/or other consoles, you'll find it on this list.
  • Ray Tracing
    Xbox Series X|S is powerful enough to support console-level ray tracing, a technology that can significantly enhance the quality and realism of lighting and reflections.
  • Dolby Atmos
    Xbox Series X|S is currently the only console to support Dolby Atmos, an audio solution that delivers perfect positional sound for your surround setup or headphones.
  • FPS Boost
    Xbox Series X|S is capable of running select backwards compatible games at up to quadruple their original frame rates, thanks to the FPS Boost system feature.
  • Local Multiplayer
    Hook up some more Xbox controllers and get the party started! These games all support single console multiplayer, letting you square off against friends and family from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Online Multiplayer
    Think you have what it takes to throw down with the best Xbox players out there? These online-enabled games will let you take on the world to really put your Xbox skills to the test!
  • Local Co-op
    Many Xbox games are even better when played together. Share the thrill of victory and overcome even greater trials with these titles which support couch co-op.
  • Online Co-op
    Need a hand in an Xbox game but don't have anyone around to help? Get online and find some remote assistance, as all of these games allow for online co-op!
  • Backwards Compatible
    Backwards compatibility is a technology that allows you to play older Xbox 360 console games on a newer system, like the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.
  • Not Backwards Compatible
    While the Xbox has backwards compatible technology, not all Xbox 360 games can be played on future console generations.
  • Xbox Game Pass
    Xbox Game Pass for Console is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to over 300 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games.
  • PC Game Pass
    PC Game Pass gives you access to play hundreds of Windows 10 games.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
    Xbox Cloud Gaming is Xbox's streaming service, allowing players to play games of all shapes and sizes directly on their mobile devices and other screens
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