Starfield fan spends 200 hours working out RPG's entire skill tree

A devoted Starfield fan has spent 200 hours piecing together what they think is the RPG's entire skill tree from different trailers and gameplay footage.

Starfield fan spends 200 hours working out RPG's entire skill tree
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


If you've been wondering what skills there might be in Bethesda's upcoming RPG Starfield, then Reddit user asd8dhd may have what you're looking for. After spending a mind-boggling 200 hours piecing together different gameplay clips and videos, they have managed to come up with what they think is Starfield's entire skill tree.

Dedicated fan spends 200 hours working out Starfield's skill tree

As spotted by GamesRadar, asd8dhd posted on Reddit a speculative 44-page Google document that details every skill they've found (which is well over 60), what that skill does, and what category it fits into, whether that's Physical, Social, Combat, Science, or Tech. The Redditor also expects each skill to have four tiers from Novice to Master, and you'll need 16 skill points to level up an ability from Novice to Master.

"I must have watched the direct in its entirety around 50-60 times, often at ultra-slow speeds in order to capture specific details and verify certain information. I have also watched other videos and interviews many times, and have typed up enough notes to last me about 100 years," the Redditor said. "Every time I close my eyes, all I can see are the skill trees."

On top of the document, the Redditor has also posted over 100 images taken from different trailers and gameplay videos to support their findings.

Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC and will also join Xbox Game Pass on day one.
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