How to Create and Join Gaming Sessions on TrueAchievements

By Heidi Nicholas,
It's important to stay in contact when you're stuck at home, so we're republishing our guide to using the site's Gaming Sessions. It's a great way to stay connected to folks and make friends with other Xbox players while popping some achievements.

One of the most popular features here on TrueAchievements are our gaming sessions, which give community members the tools to easily team up with other site members to help each other unlock multiplayer and co-op achievements. They are so popular, in fact, that since the feature was first added to the site, over 560,000 sessions have been created.

This article will explain where to find existing gaming sessions, how to create your own gaming sessions, how to keep track of the gaming sessions you have joined, how to leave gaming session feedback, and how to configure your settings so that you can be alerted when new gaming sessions are created for games you are looking to boost.

How to Create and Join Gaming Sessions on TrueAchievements

How to Find Existing Gaming Sessions

Any upcoming gaming sessions can be viewed in three ways:

Game Pages

On game pages, you can see any scheduled sessions for that particular game in the Gaming Sessions panel, between the latest news and the game's leaderboards.

Gaming sessions on game pages

Achievement Pages

On the pages for individual achievements, you can see scheduled sessions for that specific achievement in the Achievement Sessions panel, next to the Unlock Percentages panel and above the leaderboards. If there isn't a session for that achievement yet, you'll see the "Create Session" option — we'll cover this in the article too.

gaming sessions achievement pages

Gaming Sessions Calendar

Gaming Sessions calendar

  • To get to the Gaming Sessions Calendar, click on the Community menu, found at the top of every page, and under "Help & Support" in the drop-down, click on the Gaming Sessions link.
On the Gaming Sessions calendar page, you can see every upcoming gaming session scheduled on the site. There's a lot of these, colour-coded into different types of sessions, but you can narrow down what you're looking at with the following filter options:
  • Sessions I'm in
  • Open sessions only
  • My games only
  • My boost list only
  • Achievements I need
  • And a dropdown menu to narrow the list to individual games
You can also filter the list out further by choosing whether you want to view Gaming Sessions by month, week, rolling week, or a single day. The left and right arrow buttons let you scroll through the calendar further. In the "Useful information" panel at the right or bottom of the calendar (depending on your screen size), you will be able to see what each session colour means. There's also a reminder here about your current time zone – remember that the calendar will show different times for different attendees to a session depending on individual time zones.

How to Create Gaming Sessions

If none of the existing sessions are scheduled for a time that you are free, you can create your own gaming sessions for other community members to join.
  • On the Gaming Sessions page, click the Create session link on the right hand side or at the top of the page
The new page will display a blank form that you can complete to customise and create the type of Gaming Session you'd like. You can set everything from the game, the date and time, and the achievements you'd like to get, to the number of gamers needed, and the options to filter who you'd like to join the session. You can also leave notes if there are specific requirements you need other gamers to reach before joining the session.

Create Gaming Session

Once you choose a game from the dropdown list, the page will update with a list of every achievement for the game, split into achievements for the base game and, if it has any, those for its DLC. You can choose which particular achievements you're aiming to unlock during the gaming session from this list. The list can also be filtered to show only the achievements you haven't yet unlocked, or the full achievement list.

Achievements you are going for

Once you are happy with the details for your session, click the Create session button. When clicked, you'll see a notification informing you that your session has been successfully created, along with a link to view it.
Gaming Session created

How to Track Your Gaming Sessions

You can keep track of all of your upcoming gaming sessions in two places:

My Sessions Page

  • On the Gaming Sessions page, click the My Sessions link
On the My Gaming Sessions page, you can view all of your upcoming sessions in a list view. You can tick the Include historical sessions to show previous sessions, the Calendar view button to change from the list view to a calendar of only your sessions, and an Export to iCalendar to add the upcoming sessions to your phone or PC calendars.

My Gaming Sessions

My Upcoming Sessions Panel

Any upcoming sessions will be added to the Upcoming Gaming Sessions panel that will be displayed among the other panels on the right or at the bottom of your profile page. If you haven't made any Gaming Sessions yet, it'll prompt you to create one with a link to the Create Gaming Session page.

Gaming Sessions panel

Gaming Session Feedback

Once a gaming session has ended, everyone in the session will receive a PM asking them to leave feedback. By following the link in the PM, you will be able to leave a public note for each of the community members who took part in the session and to give positive, neutral or negative feedback.

Click the Feedback Given link in the Gaming Sessions menu to view all of the feedback you have left for other community members. Other participants from gaming sessions can also leave you feedback. Click the Feedback link in the Gaming Sessions menu to view all of the feedback you have received from other community members.

boosting feedback

Gaming Session Settings

There are a number of settings available so that you can alter the default view of the gaming session calendars, and how you are notified (if at all) for games on your boost list.
  • The easiest way to get to Gaming Session Settings is from the Gaming Sessions page, using the Settings button next to the Filter options.
  • You can also reach the Gaming Session Settings by clicking on your name at the top right of any page, clicking on the spanner icon, choosing Site settings, and tabbing across to Gaming Session Settings.
From here, you can modify all of your Gaming Session Settings. You can also choose what times you're usually available for sessions, by selecting Yes for the Only notify me for sessions during the times below option, and then ticking the times that suit you best in the table below. Once saved, you will only receive notifications for sessions that are scheduled to take place in those times.

If you have a suggestion for any site features that you'd like us to cover, please let us know by posting in the comments below.
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