Vampire Survivors reportedly has Director's Cut with extra content

poncle reportedly has even more up its sleeve for its excellent roguelite shoot-em-up Vampire Survivors with a "Directer's Cut" that apparently "may or may not one day release."

Vampire Survivors reportedly has Director's Cut with extra content
Heidi Nicholas

Heidi Nicholas


The excellent Vampire Survivors has been an Xbox Game Pass hit for months now, with players happily devouring every new update and DLC as it arrives, but it seems developer poncle may have even more in mind for the game with the apparent existence of a "Directer's Cut" which "may or may not one day release."

Vampire Survivors could have a Director's Cut with new characters and more

vampire survivors directors cut report

This all comes from Laura Kate Dale — who works as an accessibility/queer consultant, author, and more — who explains in a thread including the image above, that she was at an event for Vampire Survivors' upcoming co-op mode when she was "pulled aside" and shown the "Directer's Cut."

According to Dale, she had 20 minutes to see the "Directer's Cut" — which is apparently a reference to The Directer enemy — and it is apparently "drastically different from the base game." This Directer's Cut seems to include new characters, stages, and more, although Dale was told that "this is content that may or may not one day release."

There's been no official word on any Vampire Survivors Director's (or Directer's) Cut yet, although as Dale points out, the official Vampire Survivors Twitter account liked her thread about playing the Directer's Cut content.

Vampire Survivors adds its free couch co-op mode on August 17.
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