Interval Training for Six Pack Abs
Interval training is necessary to boost the body’s metabolism. This usually consists of a cardio exercise ranging from moderate to hight intensity. Most trainers have sticked to the cardio exercises. Although these exercises may burn a great percentage of fat during the active physical activity, but, aerobic training or cardio exercises are still not the most effective ways to get a leaner body. That is the truth about six pack abs.

The resistance training and intense interval training can keep the body’s metabolism up for 24 hours to 48 hours for others. This means your body will still be burning fats even after the work out and while you are sleeping. Intense interval training will melt the fats that are layering your body especially in the abdominal area. This is perfect for the carving and maintenance of the six pack abs.

Interval training is necessary to prevent injuries most often caused by repetitive intense exercises. This will also allow an increase to the training capacity. When you add intervals to your workout routine you will have the chance to cross train. Recent studies have revealed that high intensity exercise burn more calories than long, slow endurance routines such as the cardio exercises.

You can have the high intensity training and get it done in 20 minutes rather than a 40-50 minute cardio exercise. Or a person who runs with a speed of 8 miles per hour can burn more calories in 20 minutes than a person who walks for an hour in 3 miles per hour.

You can combine different good specific-abs exercises for your interval training as well, if you have just started. Direct abs exercises like hanging leg raises; hanging knee raises; decline bench leg thrusts; reverse crunches; ab bicycles and ab scissors; bench crunches; alternating oblique crunches; floor side plank holds and others. Also, you should have vacuum thrusts in the end of the cycle.

The advanced interval training workouts can be designed by you; you just need to consider the four variables to control when making your own interval training program. The following variables are intensity, duration, recovery interval and number of repetitions. You can have these exercises: running the stairs, 20-second sprint drills, explosive exercise training and jump rope workouts. But you need to consult with your personal trainer on an athletic trainer before designing your own training. Intensity training is not recommendable for the novice trainers since this may cause serious injury.

Once you have improved your duration and intensity, you can perform a more complicated interval training having a full body work out which is very beneficial for your six pack abs. The intensity training would be longer and harder but very effective for the entire core especially.

For those sculpting their six pack abs, the high intensity training is preferred since this can help shed off more fats and burn more calories, thus, layers of fats would be removed from the body and results to a leaner body. A leaner body means having toned muscles. And this way the abs can be easily carved through the workout routines you do. © 2010 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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