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Why should you upgrade your account?
  • No advertisements
    • No adverts on the TrueAchievements website
    • No adverts on the TrueAchievements Xbox application
  • Super fast scanning
    • Auto account updates every 30 minutes
    • Unlimited on demand account updates
  • Customization
    • Set a custom banner image on your gamer profile
    • Display six game series panels on your gamer profile
    • Add more games and achievements to your trophy case
  • Community
    • Access to the TrueAchievements Pro forum
    • Access to the Pro section of the TrueAchievements Discord server
    • Get notifications for key achievement flag changes
  • Data export
    • Download a backup of your game collection
    • Easily export all of your unlocked achievement data
  • Influence
    • Vote on 15 site wish list ideas
    • A bigger chance to win a game every day

Please note that Pro subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.