The Best Exercises for Six Pack Abs
The truth about six pack abs is that you need to focus on diet, exercise, and consistency for the best results. These necessitate discipline, but in the long run show proven results. These are the best exercises to develop the midsection and strengthen the entire core.

Front Squats require an erect torso and a strong set of abs. Hence, these are great exercises for the entire core. The Front Squats can effectively tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles and give them a very good workout. A front squat exercise can be done in either cross bar hold method or alternative bar hold method.

To do the cross bar hold front squat, hold the barbell upper chest high, and position it in front of the shoulders. Cross the arms, placing hands on top of the barbell and arms parallel to the floor. To execute, bend knees forward and at the same time allow the hips to bend back behind. But keep a straight back and position the knees pointed and in the same direction as your feet.

Squat down until thighs are parallel and extend the knees until the legs are straight. Then repeat the procedure. It is important to note that you should be facing forward, a back straight is kept and feet should be flat on the floor. To do the alternative bar hold method, just change the arm position by flexing the arms and with palms facing upward, gripping the barbell.

The Renegade Dumbbell Row is another effective workout for your abdominal muscles. To execute, hold the dumbbells with your hands firmly pressed on the floor and bring your body to a push-up position. Hold your position and stabilize. Then, balance with the left arm; row the other dumbbell which is held by the right. After a few seconds, place the raised dumbbell back on the floor and row the dumbbell held by the left hand. Then, back to the push-up position. Repeat the process until the cycle or required repetition is achieved.

It is very important that the hips are kept locked while doing the exercise in order to force the abdominal muscles into action. This procedure will give a nice burn in the abdominals if this is done correctly. This will strengthen and work on the entire core to reveal the contour of the six pack abs.

The One Arm Dumbbell Row is also an effective exercise that works on the entire core. To execute, position your right knee resting on a bench for support and have your right palm pressed on the bench as well to support your upper body. Then raise the dumbbell with your left arm and bring it to your side and lower down. Switch with the other side and repeat the process. You will feel your abdominal muscles tightening as you perform this technique properly.

The One Arm Snatch or dumbbell snatch is like doing the Olympic lift. Raise the dumbbell from the floor to above the head in one quick and smooth movement. The dumbbell snatch can train the legs, shoulders and the abdominal area. This exercise requires strength, speed and balance to properly execute this technique and get the most out of it. © 2010 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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