Best Abdominal Exercises
You don’t need a gym membership to shed pounds or get the body that you want. If you’re after perfect abs and weight loss, these four exercises are ideal for you. The best ab exercises to lose weight are all very easy to do and require no additional equipment, though you may want to use a mat or towel if exercising on a hard surface. When exercising it is important not to rely on momentum to do the work for you. Each movement should be controlled and rely on the strength of your muscles.

The Reverse Crunch
The easiest crunch, this move puts very little stress on your back and is ideal for those who are new to crunches.
Start: Lay on the floor with hands at your sides, palms down and legs straight, toes pointed to ceiling.
Execution: Keeping your head flat on the floor, use your lower abs (not legs) to bring your knees in to your chest, so that they bend at a right angle (L shape). Return to start.
Sets: 5 sets of 10

Vertical Crunch
This move is excellent for toning your midsection and extremely easy. It works both the upper and lower body.
Start: Lay flat on the floor, hands interlocked behind the head (or in cup position). Cross your ankles and lift legs straight up until they are perpendicular to the floor.
Execution: Contract your abs and raise head and shoulder blades off floor. At the same time, push your heels towards the ceiling. Your body should look like the letter “U”.
Sets: 4 sets of 12 – 20

The Bicycle
If you only have time to do one move, then this is it. The bicycle maneuver has been proven time and again to be the best abdominal exercise. The American Council on Exercise has said it is the best way to tone abs and whittle waists.
Start: Lay flat on the floor with your hands interlocked behind your head.
Execution: Pull your knees in to your chest and raise your shoulders off the ground, being careful not to pull on your neck. Straighten your right leg while turning your body to the left and bringing your right elbow in to your knee. Switch sides by extending the right leg and bringing the left leg in and right elbow to your knee. You should be performing what looks like a pedaling motion with your legs.
Sets: 3 sets of 12-25 reps.

These 3 simple exercises, done consistently every other day, will help you whittle your waist and define your abs in a very short time. The bicycle maneuver and vertical crunch both work large and small muscle simultaneously allowing you to maximize your time and weight loss efforts. © 2010 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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